How To Build A Sleeper – Take An Underpowered Car And Turn It Into The Ultimate Sleeper

VW Beetle sleeper

How To Build A Sleeper – Take An Underpowered Car And Turn It Into The Ultimate Sleeper

Marty and Moog from MCM embark on an ambitious project – they will take an underpowered vehicle and turn it into the ultimate sleeper. It’s going to be an epic project, as these guys are going to build the car with a 1000% increase in power. The first step is to pick up a car. The first car they found on the Internet was a yellow VW Beetle with an initial price of $550. The final price after negotiating it -> $390. That made these guys proud owners of this 1974 VW Beetle L that is actually the luxury version.

With over 21 million produced model this car has a solid history in motor sports – rally, off-road and drag racing. The engine that the bug got installed under the hood is a 1.6-litre 4 cylinder with 57 horsepower. This could make the car run from 0 to 60 MPH in time under 25 seconds. Now these guys are going to make this bug super faster. First of all they have to look at its real power and increase it 10 times. That’s why they have the car on the dyno – 23.9kW on the wheels. The next step is to get the engine out of the vehicle and replace it with more powerful.

The mechanic gave them a book with instructions and a time of 45 minutes to take the old engine out. There are only 4 bolts that hold the air-cooled engine. With the help of their mechanic they managed to took out the engine and the gearbox in less than 45 minutes. Then the engine was brought to another company where the team is going to make some improvements. The purpose – the final output to become around 250kW. That’s why the guys ordered forged aftermarket parts. While the tuners were modifying the old engine, the guys borrowed another engine – 2.5-liter Subaru engine and try to install it in the bug.

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In order to fit the new engine, a lot of space should be created in the rear part of the Beetle. The exterior must not be changed as this car is supposed to be a sleeper. The guys ordered a new turbo in the mean time and even the company name was stamped on it. When everything is put in place – Scott is about to program the engine management system. The guys want to have different levels of boost level and that’s why they put a speed sensor. See the whole process in the video on our next page.

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