How To Fix A Large Dent Without Spending Money


How To Fix A Large Dent Without Spending Money

We here, at, are always trying to show you some new and easy solutions for problems that you may have with your ride, problems which are easily solved at your own garage, without spending a lot of money at the workshop. Today we have for all of you truck owners, one very clever solution for fixing one of the most common problems amongst many of you, a very large dent.

What you are about to see in the following video is a truck that had accident with its trailer and made it a big dent (around 18 inches long) at the tail. We all know that accidents like that are pretty common, equally with trucks and cars, therefore we think that most of you facing with such problem will find this video very useful.
We are not familiar with this type of things, but the guys in the video are pretty skilled, as you will see.

super clean windshield

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So we will only tell the basic, in order to remove as much as possible of the dent, you need to prepare the affected area well and release the pressure from the front and from the back, and after that, you can start working with the tools, and do what you need to do…


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