How To Perfectly Tint Your Car’s Headlights

Tint headlights

How To Perfectly Tint Your Car’s Headlights

We can all agree that the car’s headlights are the eyes of the car, that’s why modifying and decorating them is always a popular thing. Maybe, few of you with a more conservative thinking, will say that this is some kind of odd thinking, just like guys with large Mohawk hairstyle, but you will be surprised when you find out that this kind of modifying of the headlights dates back to the late 20s. Back than people were using coloured glass to make their vintage cars unique.

Because of the regulations and some poor customizing, headlights tinting has fallen out. But we think that with some good workmanship, similar to the one in the video below, tinting of the lights will soon be in trend again.

This method can be done by spray painting, it’s not recommended because it’s very complex, involves large amount of things and it will take a lot of time. Instead, the use of vinyl is so much simpler, and with the final result as good as painting them. It’s also so much faster, reversible and most important, cheaper. But, you have to be skilful with your hands and very concentrated to make the final result awesome.

You can find tint films in many car accessory shops that are particularly shaped for individual cars. With a tint put on, the light will exit regularly as before, the one thing that it’s restricting is the light to enter. In this video you will learn everything that has to be made, in order for you to have perfectly tinted headlights. So don’t wait and make some improvements to your own car too.

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