How To Pull Your Car Out Of The Snow Hack

zip tie tire traction

How To Pull Your Car Out Of The Snow Hack

If you are living in cold places you have to deal occasionally with the slippery roads and ice and snow. With all that you just cannot get enough traction. Well, we are going to present you a simple solution that you might try next time when you are stuck in the snow. We definitely think that you are going to like this solution. It’s not only for yourself – it’s the ability to have this in the trunk of everyone of your family members’ vehicles. They could easily handle this kind of situation when they got stuck.

The keyword here is zip ties. It’s basically a 36-inch long zip tie with tire studs molded right in. So what you do is just zip a couple ties up, cut them off closely to the locker zone and enjoy the snow. At the time you have all zip ties on your tire, you now have the grip so you could go. Having a package like this in your trunk at all times, gives you confidence and the peace of mind when you get in some of those difficult situations. You know that all you have to do is to take out the pack. No skills are needed to apply the zip ties. It’s very simple for anyone to do.

The best thing I like about this winter car hack is that I could have it in all my vehicles. It’s very small and easy to use.

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If you like the solution, there is a website where you could find more information about it.

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