How To Restore And Care For Chrome In Car Detailing

restore and care for car chrome

How To Restore And Care For Chrome In Car Detailing

The car used in the below tutorial is a tropic turquoise 1966 Malibu. The car will be transformed into a real piece of automobile art. The guy who created the list and all the steps in this definitive guide used Mothers and Eastwood products during the process of restoring the brightwork’s original brilliance. Bear in mind that there is always a possibility the chrome shop could ruin the original part you sent them to be rechromed.

The problem with ruining an original part of such car is that no one actually reproduces it in the aftermarket. If you are about to restore a car and then sell it to a collector, the more original parts the car features the higher the price would be. When you start to restore a car chrome details, you should be very careful and try no to scratch the surface. We are going to see how to restore the brilliance of any chrome-plated, stainless steel, polished aluminum or anodized.

First we should start with the mildest method – this car spent its life in the desert. The chrome is kept because of the dry heat but the anodized aluminum was cooked. First you should wash the car with a good pH-balanced car wash (Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax). The best way to polish chrome-plated, stainless steel, polished aluminum or anodized is using a super-fine 0000 steel wool or a fine grade bronze wool. The next step is to wash the car and finalize it with blowing compressed air. The last one is needed to make sure that no water pockets are left.

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Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish and Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish are the best products that you could use with fine-grade bronze wool in order to remove the heavy rust. You should repeat those steps on the rear bumper, chrome horn ring, shift lever and turn-signal handle as well. You should be aware not to use those products on plastic parts. There is another product used there – Mothers Plastic Polish. The clear plastic horn button was restored with this product. Cooked reflective metallic stickers could be removed with tools like Eastwood PRE (a good chemical dissolvent).

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