How To Teach A Lesson And Give Instant Karma To A Double Parker

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How To Teach A Lesson And Give Instant Karma To A Double Parker

Most of us probably find it annoying when you see a double parker. In this category we put all those cars in the parking lot that take two parking spaces. We would expect double parkers to ride some exotic or very expensive vehicles. That’s kind a way to protect their rides from getting them damaged. This article is about the other type of double parkers. They are driving regular vehicles and just don’t care where they are leaving the car.

In this video we are going to see a woman driving a white Kia and she parked her car like she is the only person with car in the world. In our case there are a couple of guys who decided to teach her a lesson and dish some Karma to this double parker. In the end they were laughing while the lady was trying to figure out how to get in the car. It’s just so funny watching this woman. Basically, it doesn’t matter how expensive your car is – there are parking spaces and you should park there.

This could be done to people who double parked when the parking lot is full but here this one looks completely empty. It might be just a reminder as those guys taught her a lesson. Everything comes from the fact that people don’t care and they don’t respect other people’s stuff. Everyone just slams the door and goes home. The main problem is that if you didn’t pay for this car you don’t care now. We all work to afford something good – a house, a nice car, etc.

And then someone just ruins it in a matter of seconds. The woman is not right here – there are plenty of parking spaces. She could park like a boss and take only one, there is no one there to scratch or damage her car. You never know if the person had parked just to protect his/her vehicle and took two parking spaces or the person is just one of those guys who park in the middle of nowhere.

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