Huge Tire Explosion: See The Biggest Single-Piece Tire Inflation Cage

EarthMover tire inflation cage

Huge Tire Explosion: See The Biggest Single-Piece Tire Inflation Cage

Let’s see a short video filmed by Ken-Tool in order to introduce the world’s largest single piece tire inflation cage. This was part of the OSHA Certification explosion testing of their last product. An inflation cage designed specifically for large Earthmover and Agricultural tires. In the below video you are going to see a 29.5R25 L-3 Earthmover tire put inside the inflation cage. In order to get the maximum pressure that the tire could handle, they inflated it up to 150-psi. In the end of the test the tire is put in a sudden release event. You could watch the cage absorbing the explosion.

Right after the explosion the team at the OSHA Certification explosion center gathered all the pieces of the tire and the wheel components as well. The cage did its job in the best way – all pieces were inside as it was designed. The video on our next page reveals all the details about this test at regular speed and in slow motion. This is a great example of why such cages are built and used. Obviously, you cannot put a car tire inside as it was specially designed when working on split rim wheels. One interesting new feature about this cage is the so called “PATENT PENDING”.

Ken-Tool is a leading brand and manufacturer of tire service tools in the world.

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“World’s Largest Single-Piece Inflation Cage” is the product that any shop need if working with tubeless and multi-piece rims.

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