If You Want A 300MPH Supercar, It’s Easy With This 1200HP Ferrari F80

1200HP Ferrari F80

If You Want A 300MPH Supercar, It’s Easy With This 1200HP Ferrari F80

The car is still a concept but the automobile enthusiasts are always looking for more and more. That’s the same thing that this Italian designer wants – Adriano Raeli is the man behind the Ferrari F80 supercar. There are no words to describe this speed demon – a 1200 horsepower speed monster. The car features a KERS system that works with a combination of petrol engine.

The hybrid drivetrain in this vehicle pairs the 900 horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine and the 300 horsepower KERS system. Sounds great and runs great – the car could go from 0 to 62 MPH in 2.2 seconds thanks to its weight of 1,763 pounds. This 2-seater will reach a top speed of 310 MPH. If you are not a speeding fan but you would like to take a ride, better put on some pampers just in case.

You might be thinking why the hell this is not powered by the naturally aspirated V12 engine? But if you look at another Ferrari icon, Ferrari F40, it was also powered by the same V8 petrol engine. A lot of car experts and enthusiasts consider this model will replace the LaFerrari model that amazed everyone with its insane engineering and futuristic looks.

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Nowadays the competition in producing fast sports car have been heating up all over the world. The thirst is everywhere and Ferrari decided not to let their fans wait for long. The latest concept car is here and we hope to see it in production. It’s again stylish and high performance hypercar. You will find it quite similar to its predecessors – LaFerrari and Enzo, when it comes to the sharp nose and the aggressive and long rear part of the vehicle.

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