‘I’ll Sit On Your Face’ Is The New Road Rage Stripper Edition!LOL

road rage stripper edition

‘I’ll Sit On Your Face’ Is The New Road Rage Stripper Edition!LOL

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a stripper road rages. We have the answer here in this article. In the video here you will see what will happen if a chick gets road rage. DO you think that someone would tell her not to drive with her heels on and then just tap here a$$. There are not many options what could be the outcome but let’s see what actually happened.

We can’t say that the lady from the video is definitely a stripper, but she was offering lap dances and threatening to sit on someone face all the time. That’s what made us thinking that ‘stripper’ is the right answer for her profession. Road rage is something serious nowadays – people are beaten and even killed. You could easily get in a situation where a gun is pointed at you or something like this.

It’s not just one video showing a road rage that actually goes way too far. You are a lucky guy if you got only a serious verbal confrontations. If you skip the physical part then it’s OK. Let’s say a few words about the video. It all started when a guy was driving behind a Mustang decided to let the driver know that they passed the school zone 15 minutes ago. But the Mustang was still going 15 in a 25 zone.

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Then came the STOP sign. She came out of the car wondering what’s going on. And then had the first time she said it – ‘I will sit on your face’. Then we will recieve a lap dance for free. Everything looks so ridiculous and funny at the same time. In the end she stepped on the gas pedal showing her middle finger.

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