Impressive Road Printer By RSP Creates Roads Like Piece Of Cake!

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Impressive Road Printer By RSP Creates Roads Like Piece Of Cake!

Paving roads has never been an easy job. This occupation has changed very little over the past couple centuries. Materials have evolved, sure, but the technique has made little progress- it is still the same strenuous work to lay down a brick road by hand, one stone at a time. The downside of building with bricks was that it took a long time to construct the brick road, especially if it had a complicated pattern.

In the last decade, engineering has discovered a way to speed the way of creating roads. RP Systems strives to speed up the process with their latest innovation the Road Printer. The Road Printer, by RPS, is a paving machine capable of easily laying out a brick road much faster than traditional methods. It revolutionizes the way brick walkways and roads are constructed, by allowing them to be assembled vertically, and then slide down a ramp slowly to rest on the ground. It is part printer, part pasta press, this remarkable machine can spit out a perfectly uniform sheet of brick walkway up to 20 feet wide.

As construction workers insert bricks into the machine’s forward compartment, Road Printer automatically processes the bricks and spits the assembled road from its rear, leaving a meticulously crafted path in its wake. This allows pavers to assemble 500 meters of road a day.

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The Road Printer is flexible enough to manage with different kinds of stone types, for example concrete stones, baked stones and used stones. With the Road Printer you can pave the most common patterns such as fishbone pattern or block patterns.

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