With This Incredible Barn Find We Should Put Nebraska On The Map For Epic Barn Finds

Nebraska barn find

With This Incredible Barn Find We Should Put Nebraska On The Map For Epic Barn Finds

We are going to see something that could happen once in a blue moon. Most of the car enthusiasts like us got a dream – a simple one like stumbling upon an epic barn find. Sounds great, right? In this article we are going to see what the guys of VanDerBrink Auctions found in Grant, Nebraska. The small city used to be a home to Chevy car dealership a long time ago. It seems that the dealership went out of business for some reason. We are not quite sure what was the reason for closing down, but in the end there were approximately 200 old rides left inside.

Could you imagine that – 200 vehicles were left inside? After another Chevrolet dealership was found earlier with massive barn find, now we have added one more to the list with incredible barn finds in Nebraska. With this two tremendous finds we should definitely put Nebraska on the map for epic barn finds. In the last abandoned car dealership the guys found several 1950’s and 1960’s GM rides. In addition there were some pre-World War II cars in need of restoration. Here is a list with some very rare models found inside – 1941 Ford 2-Door Sedan, 1938 Cadillac Model 60 4-Door Sedan, 1934 Ford School Bus, 1931 Ford Model A, 1936/7 Ford Pickup, 1925 Buick 2-Man race car.

The owners of the car dealership , The Bullock family, owned a restoration shop as well.

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This might be the reason why there were some project cars inside. It all makes sense now.

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