It Looks Like The New Need For Speed Trailer – Abu Dhabi Police’s Nissan GT-R Chases A Ferrari 458

Abu Dhabi Police GT-R Chases Ferrari 458

It Looks Like The New Need For Speed Trailer – Abu Dhabi Police’s Nissan GT-R Chases A Ferrari 458

There are some places around the world full of exotic cars. Cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti and many other hypercars. You might be thinking with so many super cars at one place, it would be very hard for the police force. That’s not the case actually in Abu Dhabi. It’s hard to believe that the owners of all these exotics are not speeding. Nice highways, plenty of horsepower – it’s just you and the car in the middle of the dessert.

Recently, the Abu Dhabi police force filmed a movie-like scene where a police Nissan GT-R chases down a Ferrari 458 Italia. The police looks very well equipped and the guys are definitely ready to stop everyone trying to get away when speeding. It’s like a Hollywood action film – at the very beginning there is one guy driving a blue McLaren MP4-12C slaloming through the traffic on the highway.

The police officers keep an eye on that guy with the help of a helicopter and a couple of police cars like Ford Taurus, VW Touareg and Mercedes Benz E Class. You could hardly believe when you see that these guys use some type of facial recognition software. The police officers managed to detect the McLaren but the guy was gone. The police vehicles seem to be equipped with cameras and could easily track everything around – people and license plates.

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The suspect then hops into a Ferrari 458 Italia and hits the highway. Of course, patrol men in a Taurus spotted the guy with the help of the facial recognition software and started to chase him. That was not a real chase because when the Ferrari hit the highway, all the police cars started to disappear from the scene. Then a police Nissan GT-R made a pretty cool entrance. In the real world the GT-R would have no problem keeping up with a Ferrari 458.

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