This Is Just Amazing – 106 Years Old Kerosene Blackstone Oil Engine Start-Up

Blackstone oil engine

This Is Just Amazing – 106 Years Old Kerosene Blackstone Oil Engine Start-Up

In this article we are going to say a few words about this incredible engine and then we are going to watch the video on our next page. The engine in the video is a Blackstone oil engine. The engine was built back in 1909 and the total power output is 10 horsepower. The purpose for building such an engine back in the time was quite simple – pumping water from a river to a market garden. The engine was filled with some explosives in 1920 causing the cylinder to blow up. A couple of years ago some guy bought the engine and installed a new cylinder and the engine was returned to service.

Back in the days there were a lot of times when the engine fell into disuse. It was even submerged due to several river floodings. Briefly, the engine was recovered in 1990 and in 1997 it was completely dismantled, cleaned and started again. This is the video of the fresh new start. You are going to see the whole process of starting such piece of the engineering world. First of all you have to heat hot bulb with a blow lamp in order to vaporise the kerosene. Another requirement is to preheat the the internal combustion chamber. This will actually allow the fuel ignition.

It’s just amazing to see this Blackstone oil engine startup in details.

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It is really a detailed close-up video showing all the action.

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