Just Press A Button And You Will Have Even The Lowest Race Car On This Trailer

Airbagged trailers

Just Press A Button And You Will Have Even The Lowest Race Car On This Trailer

We present you one company that you should contact in case you have a low race car and you experience difficulties trying to get it on a trailer. It’s one of those companies that have small but brilliant ideas. We could say that this is one of the coolest ideas we had seen in years. We were a little curious about the owner of this company, Airbagged Trailer Company, and we found out that he is actually the owner and the inventor at the same time. The guy is Nick Maarhuis – he is the inventor, the owner and the designer in this small Airbagged Trailers company.

Nick built a couple of custom cars during the years, but he knew that he should do something with the aging trailers. Their design has not been changed since 1920. This guy has a solid background in engineering and science, so this helped him a lot while creating the drafts of the new trailer model. He designed it from a clean state. Now we have a fully functioning airbagged trailer that is capable to meet and exceed all your light duty (4400 lb) towing needs.

The initial purpose of the airbagged trailers was to be used for race cars. Nowadays, those trailers have many diverse applications. Basically what he did is to create a new frame without the traditional leaf spring configuration. He drafted the custom axles and all air lines that were supposed to be hidden in the frame. The trailer features an adjustable trailer hitch and electric brake system.

The whole design is custom and everything related to the airbagged trailers is created from scratch. Just in case you still wonder if this is reliable, that’s the right place to mention that there were a lot of stress tests and analysis applied to the initial concept. 95% of all the parts used in creating one airbagged trailer are made in USA. Each order takes about 4 weeks for production and the price is $12,000. The price is high, but if you could afford it go ahead with this one.

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