Justice Has Been Served – 6 Years Later The Man Who Drove His Bugatti Veyron Into Lake Got What He Deserved

Bugatti Veyron crash lake

Justice Has Been Served – 6 Years Later The Man Who Drove His Bugatti Veyron Into Lake Got What He Deserved

Do you remember the guy who drove his $2.2 million Bugatti Veyron into a swampy lake in Texas? This guy is actually Andy Lee House. This happened back on Wednesday the 11th November, 2009 and it was caught on camera by another guy who was driving down I45 on his way to SAMS. The cameraman didn’t know exactly what was the car but he liked it a lot and that was the reason to pull out his cellphone and start recording the supercar. The video is very short – it’s about 20 seconds but it clearly shows how the vehicle veered off the road into the lake.

The other guy in the car where the guy was filming called 911 immediately. They tried to turn around and reach the guy to help him with no success. The police with a couple of fire-trucks and an ambulance came to the place very quickly to assist the driver. No one knew at this time that the driver did this on purpose with the intention to collect the insurance money. The owner and the driver of the $2.2 million supercar made a couple of mistakes that gave police a reason to start an investigation.

Mr House crashed his supercar on purpose but after the accident he had changed his story several times. Initially he stated that he took his sight off the road to get his cellphone and then it all turned wrong. Later he had told authorities the Bugatti had swerved as a low flying pelican appeared in front of him.

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6 years later the driver is going to jail. The only clue is the video that Jomgarza uploaded right after the accident. No pelicans and no swerving could be seen in the video. In the end the insurance company found out that previously they had paid Mr House $600,000 for another crash. Mr House was sentenced to 12 months and 1 day at Lufkin – Texas Federal Courthouse.

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