Ken Block Launched His Latest Gymkhana 8 Video in LA: “We Are Trying To Break The Internet!”

Ken Block Gymkhana 8

Ken Block Launched His Latest Gymkhana 8 Video in LA: “We Are Trying To Break The Internet!”

The latest Gymkhana video is ready and is on the Internet. It presents the rallycross and internet sensation star Ken Block. He is the one that invades Dubai with drifting in amazing insanityfest. Yes, that’s right – Gymkhana 8 was shot in Dubai, OAE. The whole idea standing behind the latest video is that Ken and his team had to make something very interesting and creative and fun in the same time. That’s the point – if Ken Block was shooting the same thing over and over, at some point everyone would be bored and will not come back to watch. There was one special thing in Ken Block’s to-do list: an exotic destination.

That’s why his team picked up – Dubai. That’s the city being famous with some of the crazy vehicle builds. What’s the best here – the guys tried to keep it as real as possible. We are going to see again a lot of difficult and complicated stuff in locations like the city, the dessert and even around the sand to the yachts. Our favourite bit about Gymkhana 8 is the part when Ken Block is doing some slides in between a Ford Raptor on two wheels. All that was done for the first time on a very busy road that was shut down for an hour to do the filming.

The best thing about filming in Dubai is that the guys asked for very big things and very important things and in the end the were able to offer and deliver everything.

2016 Shelby F150

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It’s just mind-blowing to see the Raptor thing. This time the guys are about to break the internet.

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