Kylie Jenner Crashed Her Brand New Gift – Ferrari 458 Spyder

458 Ferrari Spyder crash

Kylie Jenner Crashed Her Brand New Gift – Ferrari 458 Spyder

The birthday gift of Kylie Jenner a 458 Ferrari Spyder, was crashed by Kylie herself. The crash happened just a few hours after she received it. The $320,000 birthday gift for her 18th birthday was given by her man Tyga.

Kim Kardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner was very excited turning 18, but not more than Tyga who had his gift planned for a while. No one can argue that it’s truly an extravagant present but unfortunately for Kylie, it was reported just a few hours after receiving her expensive gift, that the she had crashed it. We believe that everyone no matter how experienced driver it is, should attend special driving courses before sitting behind the wheel of such powerfull cars.

The young lady couldn’t wait to drive her brand new birthday present – Ferrari 458 Spyder. She intended to go with the present for its maiden voyage with Tyga. It’s not a small accident, but Kylie Jenner pressed the wrong pedal to the metal. The car was sitting parked and all she wanted was to get away. Unfortunately for her, she pushed the gas pedal to the floor and launched the supercar. That wouldn’t be a problem in most cases on an open road, but at that moment the car was in reverse causing the Ferrari to smash into a parked car 40 feet behind her.

The Ferrari is completely smashed in the rear part. Moments after the accident took place, there were plenty of police officers and paramedics at the scene. Fortunately the couple, Kylie Jenner and Tyga, left the accident with no serious injury. But there is one thing to bother them – the dint to their ego’s due to embarrassment. It’s not about the crash, it’s about spending those enormous $320,000 on a birthday present – a brand new exotic car such as a Ferrari 458 Spyder.

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