LaFerrari Catches On Fire While Terrorizing Beverly Hills Neighbourhood With Porsche GT3

LaFerrari Catches On Fire

LaFerrari Catches On Fire While Terrorizing Beverly Hills Neighbourhood With Porsche GT3

You should definitely see this video. It shows the how it feels to be rich as f**k and simply don’t care about the others. Here are these two guys driving supercars – Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche GT3. These crazy rich kids are playing around in the neighbourhood doing burnouts, speeding and revs. While watching you can’t be aware that this guy has more money that driving skills at all. On the other hand those guys (as the license plates says) are from Qatar.

Basically, if you live in a country where you feel to be above the law all the time, then we might understand why these two guys didn’t respect the STOP sign and also they didn’t respect the speed limit in that residential area. However, let’s get back to the topic – the rich kids were terrorizing the neighbourhood whole afternoon. The LaFerrari driver seems to be a very bad driver – a couple of times he hit the car underneath, he hit the mirror of one car waiting at A STOP sign.

After getting back to the house there were a lot of upset neighbours around. But from the back of the car there was smoke coming out. That smoke could be seen from the LaFerrari when the car stopped and the driver was wondering what to do. The same time police officers came as someone called them. He/she might be one of the many upset neighbours there. The LaFerrari driver might be the reason for that smoke.

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We guess this smoke was coming from the clutch. Rich people like this one with no driving skills always want to show off on the road. He was like get this car peak on RPMs and then pops. This clutch is done. We blame the driver for speeding in the neighbourhood as it is very dangerours. He could go to a race track and enjoy the power of his car there.

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