Let’s Find Out Why The Architecture Behind The LS Engine Is So Good

LS engine

Let’s Find Out Why The Architecture Behind The LS Engine Is So Good

There are a lot of things about the LS engines that make them special. First of all they make a lot of power, these engines are light and last but not least – they are cheap. The LS engine is like the hottest engine in the world right now. Guys are pretty much swapping it into Jeeps, Miatas and lots of other cars. In general, it’s all about the air here. This type of engine is an air-pumped one, so the more air you can get in, the more air you can get out then it burns more fuel to that air.

This way you could make a lot more horsepower. Another thing that is really nice about the LS engine is that leaps and bounds better than the old motor. The LS architecture is really tight, it’s not like the big or small block Chevy engines and all the oil over these engines. It’s cheap, it’s light, it’s easy to install – that’s why it is the best right now. It’s just attainable by everybody. Yeah, iron and aluminum is all they are made of.

Every time when you see an aluminum engine, you know it’s for weight saving. It’s almost a 100 lb on the LS engine. The big advantage of an aluminum motor is that they always tend to cool better. On the other hand if you got an iron made LS engine – it tends to be a lot stronger. There are both versions on the market available now. It’s just the price between them – you could spend $500 or $2,500, it’s up to you to decide which one will fit your needs.

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Now there are a lot of blocks available to handle all the horsepower you would like to get from the engine. The most important thing when you modify a car is to spend some money on the foundation. Then comes the machine work and it should be done correctly. But you should buy the correct piece to start with. A lot of the guys that are doing the swaps still go and get an used LS engine out of the junk yard or even buy a new one. Then you already have 400 horsepower that you could put in something.

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