How Do You Like Your Supercar – Well Done Or EXTRA CRISPY?

supercar fire accident

How Do You Like Your Supercar – Well Done Or EXTRA CRISPY?

The insurance company of the person who did this is going to take a big loss! It all took place a few days ago in Chicago. After an accident, one sport car is engulfed in flames and is crackling like a bonfire. There are parts everywhere on the road and you could see the damaged Lincoln in the foreground. We could state that the Lincoln hit the supercar from behind, and of course, the matte black supercar bursts into flames. The supercar, what appears to be a black Lamborghini Huracan is a total loss. The Lamborghini Huracán made its auto show debut back in 2014.

These Lamborghini cars always catch on fire. Having a closer look at the accident – you will find the car is torn in half. It seems like a brutal accident. If you are not aware – Lamborghini developed this as a safety feature. When involved in an accident the sports cars split in half as a safety feature to separate the driver from the engine. We are not quite sure how all this happened, but we doubt it was rear ended by the Lincoln. This is according to the witnesses. First of all, Lincoln can’t probably go that fast enough to split the Huracan in half.

Our first thought is that it was the Lamborghini’s fault – definitely not the Lincoln.

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According to the latest information the precise circumstances of the wreck are still unclear.

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