LOL See What To Expect From A Chinese Turbo At 145psi (10bar)?

Chinese turbo explosion

LOL See What To Expect From A Chinese Turbo At 145psi (10bar)?

Briefly we could name this article turbo explosion at 145psi (10bar). Most of the Chinese products are made cheaply. The reason for this is that they are made with some significantly less expensive parts. In the end we will have some of those Chinese parts working well, while the rest are going to be like hand grenades ready to blow up right now on you. There are some guys saying that this article is the best way to describe how a turbo charger bought from ebay is going to work. There is one question here – what do you really expect from a Chinese turbo?

Good luck to all these guys out there who are looking for a cheap turbo charger. In the video that you are going to watch, you will see a Chinese turbo keychain. Yes, it’s different from the real ones but in the same time represents what would happen to a real Chinese turbo. Of course, that’s the case when you push it too hard. The result is pretty much the same if you buy a turbo from eBay. On the other hand the turbo from the video is getting boost from the wrong direction. You could see that the air here is going through the compressor line. In real life this is going to be the case for all turbos that are pushed 10 times the boost they are specified.

It’s just pushed from the wrong end. It’s not about the oil lines and up to the pressure here. It’s just about the design and how this little thing is supposed to be working.

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Boosting any turbo charger from the wrong side and spinning it backwards is something that you should always expect bad news.

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