Look At This Crazy Method Of Repairing Bald Tires

repair bald tires

Look At This Crazy Method Of Repairingg Bald Tires

Like any tires of a car eventually they will go bald. We don’t have many options in this kind of situation. We can either buy some new ones or repair the old ones. It’s mainly up to us and of course on how much money you got at the moment when this problem occurs. The worst thing you could do is keep the bald tires in this case you are putting into jeopardy your safety and the safety of other and also increasing the fuel consumption which will reflect on your budget. Bald tires don’t react quickly enough on slippery roads, bumpy terrain or braking in unanticipated situation. You are surly aware that because that will influence the fuel consumption which will increase the demand in your budget.

In today’s video you are going to see a way how to fix the bald tires. You should use this useful method only in certain situations like if you are in lack of money, far away from home, on a holiday. This method should not be used many times because nothing keeps you more safe as new preserved tires. So it is good to know that eventually you should replace the tires completely and better sooner than later. So what this guy does is the following

First he sliced the grooves of a worn out all season tire and then joined the resulting rubber tabs with tape. Then he spins the tire and pulls the rubber strips out.

Mustang tire explosion

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He claims that this will extend the life of worn out tires by creating deeper grooves.

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