Loud And Gorgeous As Hell This Supercharged 800HP C6 Corvette Sounds Like A Beast!

loud Corvette C06

Loud And Gorgeous As Hell This Supercharged 800HP C6 Corvette Sounds Like A Beast!

By now you have probably been inundated with stories about just how awesome the Corvette Z06 is in nearly every facet. Perhaps you have even seen stock eight-speed Z06s running 10s at the dragstrip on YouTube. That pales in comparison, though, to what you are about to see today. Some people are foolish like a fox. Show them a factory supercharged car, and they’ll show you how to make it faster.

This 800HP LOMA Corvette made us temporarily deaf when we stood behind it at Hunt Valley Horsepower. We’ve heard a lot of loud revs in our day, but none of them ever damaged my hearing as bad as this corvette. As the wheels complete and suit the white body kit, many wonder about the EXHAUST SET UP! And the answer is simple – PROCHARGER SETUP! Of course, a supercharger is best fitted for this BIG ENGINE! However, the Vette lot attracted 100 people in less than 4 minutes which sure says a lot about the AWESOME and POWERFUL sound!!! When showing off your Bad Ass Chevrolet Corvette Z06 in front of your friends be sure to look both ways before pulling into traffic. This mean sounding, 800 horsepower beast lays down some streaks of rubber for it’s fans before leaving the parking.

It’s been modified with LOMA bodywork and tuning parts, as well as exclusive ADV.1 wheels.

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‘Since this video was taken,’ says the uploader, ‘This Corvette has been boosted up to about 980hp to the wheel.’ Sounds awesome in so many ways.

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