LS Swapped Airplane: Even Aircrafts Are Not Safe From An LS Swap

LS swapped airplane

LS Swapped Airplane: Even Aircrafts Are Not Safe From An LS Swap

That’s right guys, here is an example of an airplane with a GM LS1 engine in it. Let’s talk about the third generation GM small-block engines first. The third generation V8 engines replaced the second generation LT family in 1997. These engines could be found in lots of brands. Something specific for those engine blocks is that they were made of aluminum for vehicle application and of iron for truck applications. The architecture of the LS family engines makes them extremely strong. The aluminum engines are nearly as strong as their iron brothers. In this generation GM implemented the coil-near-plug style ignition and basically replaced the old distributor setup of the previous LS generations small-block based engines.

In this article we are going to see this engine in action running on an airplane. That’s certainly interesting to see – the guy is a real genius for building this LS swapped airplane. It is known that the aviation engines feature higher displacement and most of them make use of forced induction. In this case it’s all about the naturally aspirated LS1 engine and on the top of that it reaches the top torque at over 2300 RPM. This doesn’t sound good for now. The guy is going to fly with this machine is Bill Gipson of Conroe. He is going to do it with the help of his RV-10 with the Geared Drives PSRU and LS1 Firewall Forward Package.

The project is built by Bud Warren. When you watch the video pay attention on the engine.

2016 Shelby F150

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You will notice that it runs great at any RPM.

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