Mad Engineering Or How To Built Quad-Turbo V12 4JZ Engine From 2 X 2JZ Supra Motors

Quad-Turbo V12 4JZ Supra engine

Mad Engineering Or How To Built Quad-Turbo V12 4JZ Engine From 2 X 2JZ Supra Motors

There is one word to describe this guy – a real genius. He is not just a genius, he is a mad scientist and master craftsman at the same time. He did something incredible by splicing two 2JZGTE engines together. The result is a single crank operated quad turbo 2x2JZGTE V12 monster. If you have ever wondered what it takes to combine two Supra motors and get one magical beast – here is the story.

This engine looks like is is built and designed by Frankenstein. If you are willing to have one like this under the hood, here is the recipe: at first place you will need the bottoms of two Toyota Supra inline 6 cylinder motors. Why ?! You are supposed to cut the bottom ends of those two engines and make the block for the beast. These two bottom ends should be machined, stress relieved and welded. Before the welding process the crankcase should be aligned bore for 120 degree V angle.

A custom crankshaft should be purchased from Scat and main bearings from SB Chevy. Honda H-beam rods and Honda rod bearings are also in the purchase list. One of the engine heads should be reversed, so we have common ports to the center of the engine in the end. Position the exhaust ports also to the center. That’s needed just for giggles. 3/4″ aluminum plate is needed for the oil pan. The engines share one alternator, each one got a water pump and two cam drives should be built.

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The exhaust headers are also custom built for this project. There is a second version that could be implemented using a big single turbocharger. For the purpose this mad scientist will put a 5 Liter/300 ci turbocharger aiming to get 800 horsepower. This will require a center exiting exhausts that should be again built for the case.

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