Manuals Are For People Who Truly Appreciate Driving – How They Work?

manual transmission

Manuals Are For People Who Truly Appreciate Driving – How They Work?

Manual transmissions are simply a gearbox that has been serving automobiles well for many decades. Even today it’s the most popular form of transmission. In this video that we are going to play for you we will give you a conceptional introduction on the working of an actual manual transmission with a reverse gear. The basic question is why the transmission is required in an automobile. The power that is generated by the engine basically flow through the transmission before it reaches the drive wheels.

The basic function of the transmission is to control the speed and torque available for the drive wheels for different driving conditions. For example, if you are about to climb a hill you need more torque. By reducing the speed at the transmission we will be able to achieve more torque for the same power input. On the other hand if we don’t need a high level of torque we could achieve a better high speed. Manual transmission work on a basic principle of gear ratio.

Basically, we have three shafts inside – an input shaft, an output shaft and one counter shaft that connect the other two. By sliding through the gears we could achieve different transmission ratios. There is hub connected to the shaft and one sleeve that is able to slide over the hub is also used in the system. When the sleeve is connected to the gear and the synchronizer then they will become moving together. Then we could say that the desired locking action is achieved.

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During the gearbox operation the shaft and the gear will be rotations at different speeds, so the locking action is not such an easy task. Here we have a synchronizer ring added to the system. Before moving the sleeve, the clutch pedal is pressed. When we move the sleeve it will press the synchronizer ring against the cone. Due to the applied force the speed of the gear will become the same as the shaft. This time the sleeve could be locked with the gear. Finally, we have the gear and the shaft connected in a very smooth way.

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