Meet Blue Marlin – An Enormous Ship Designed to Ship Shipping Ships

Blue Marlin ship

Meet Blue Marlin – An Enormous Ship Designed to Ship Shipping Ships

This is the Blue Marlin – an enormous ship shipping ships. In other words we could say that this is a semi-submersible heavy lift ship built in Netherlands, Europe. It was built specifically to transport very large semi-submersible ships above the Blue Marlin’s deck. There are two rigs with this name – Blue Marlin and her sister MV Black Marlin. These vessels comprise the ‘Marlin’ class of heavy lift ships. It is considered to be one of the largest ocean dwelling vessels nowadays. The Blue Marlin is exactly 10 times bigger than Titanic. Are you curious to find out what is the engine that makes this thing sail with all that load?

There is an immense diesel engine that is capable to produce a total of 17,000 horsepower and sails with 13 knots. The incredible ship could carry 75,000 tons. Rather than the usual cargo of toys, TVs and coffee – this one carries other ships. From the video on our next page you will see some amazing shots with lots of boats on the deck. There is something that we can’t understand – how are the ships stacked on top of one another? It’s not just put another ship on top of this one – this way the construction on top of the bottom ship would become damaged. I guess that they have their secrets as well for suck kind of transportation.

And here is one good question – why is the Blue Marlin red?

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The length of this ship is 712ft and it weighs about 56,000 tons.

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