Meet Bounty Hunter 2 – The Worlds Coolest Semi-truck EVER

semi-truck Peterbilt Bounty Hunter 2

Meet Bounty Hunter 2 – The Worlds Coolest Semi-truck EVER

If we talk about vehicle tuning it’s basically modification of the performance or appearance of a ride. There are a lot of ways that you could actually personalize the characteristics of your vehicle. Visual tuning, engine tuning, interior tuning, audio tuning and many more. These are just some of the things that you could change in your ride. It’s all about modifying your car for the pleasure of owning and driving. When it comes to exterior modifications it’s related to changing the aerodynamic characteristics of the car. Adding additional elements like spoilers, air vents, side skirts, front and rear bumpers and light weight rims.

There are just a few guys who managed to customized their trucks in a good way. In this article we are going to present you one amazing semi-truck. It’s not just amazing, but it’s probably the worlds coolest semi-truck. On the top of that it is convertible. The nickname of this semi is Bounty Hunter 2. Bounty Hunter 2 is basically one unique convertible semi Peterbilt. If we have to describe this beast with just a couple of words, it would be something like – 1985 Peterbilt classic 359 extended hood with a 3000HP Caterpillar 3408 V8 engine. All that power coming out from the engine is transferred to the wheels via Allison automatic transmission.

With just one click of a button you will see this truck get completely transformed.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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This semi-truck is able to completely lift the body off of the frame.

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