Meet “CAMI” A Very Cool Motor Home That Is Half Boat And Half RV!

CAMI Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach

Meet “CAMI” A Very Cool Motor Home That Is Half Boat And Half RV!

While everyone’s been buzzing about the Aquada, that amphibious car, it turns that there’s already a motor vehicle on the market which can travel by both land and sea. The Terra Wind is a 42.5 foot long RV that costs around a million bucks and has two bronze propellers attached to the back for getting around in the water. So If you need a reason to ditch your crappy apartment and start living on the road, a company has created the ultimate motorhome – an amphibious luxury RV. It has embraced the two of the most comfortable ways to travel, motorohomes and yachts, and combined them to create a transforming super-vehicle capable of tearing ass on both the highway and the high sea. Not only does this vehicle act as a traditional motorhome, providing comfort on the road, but you can drive this thing straight into the water as well when you so decide that you would like to have a boat.

This Cool Amphibious Manufacturing International (CAMI) motor home, this beast has a 60″ Jacuzzi bathtub, marble floors, leather furniture, mirrored ceilings, granite counter tops, and full-size residential appliances, but that’s not all. The padded leather dash resembles an aircraft’s cockpit with its many instrument gauges and system controls.

An on board computer docking system with internet access, GPS, moving maps, and navigational charts are standard equipment.

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The Terra Wind can be custom designed to fit virtually any decor with floor plans, entertainment systems, elcetronics, cabintry, floor coverings, furniture, paint, and graphics that can be tailored to suit individual needs. All in all we can say it is the most luxurious motorhome in the world.

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