Meet The Crowmod – Big Chief Unveils Crow 2.0 In The WELD Racing Booth At PRI 2015

Big Chief Pontiac Crowmod

Meet The Crowmod – Big Chief Unveils Crow 2.0 In The WELD Racing Booth At PRI 2015

The video starts with the present CEO of WELD saying a few words about the event and about his big friend – Big Chief. His new ride is covered and everyone is there waiting to see what is this guy hiding there. As we know the Street Outlaws stars Justin “Big Chief” Shearer totaled his custom built race car recently. Big Chief has been teasing his new ride for a while but earlier today he showed his new ride at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis.

Big Chief’s previous car was 1972 Pontiac LeMans nicknamed ‘The Crow’. He named his new ride ‘The Crowmod’. The car is all carbon-fiber and titanium, there is no fibreglass and there is nothing heavy on it. The car is fully custom hand-built. The car features the old engine and transmission from his previously crashed Pontiac. The Crowmod is wrapped in white in order to become Big Chief’s dream car.

Big Chief used to race his Pontiac since he was 16 years old. The new racecar features two bottles of nitrous oxide just in case. Big Chief is going to race in a couple of weeks, so we are going to see how fast this thing really is. The car was packed up in only four days. Before that it was like million pieces in his garage.

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The Crowmod looks like a space ship. It’s 1000 pounds lighter than the previous one and got a little more horsepower under the hood. There was one more interesting car at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis – the one that Street Outlaws co-star Daddy Dave Comstock unveiled. He replaced his old ride – Goliath with a new one Goliath 2.0.

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