Meet the Hotelicopter – The Worlds First Flying Hotel


Meet the Hotelicopter – The Worlds First Flying Hotel

This flying hotel is so awesome! The construction of this amazing flying machine took about five years. The air hotel was built on the base of the Mi-12 chopper, that is considered to be the largest helicopter in the world. At first look, this thing is not just ugly but it looks unsafe. This is something that we see for the first time in aviation history. It features the luxury of a five star hotel room but can finally take flight. Meet the Hotelicopter! Experience the luxury and elevate your stay at the same time.

The video went viral in 2009 as an April fools day. It was said that the first flight of this weird thing was about to happen in 2009. It was a lie at this time, but a couple of Russian engineers took it seriously and finally built this flying hotel on the base of the military Mi-12 chopper. They realized the idea in 5 years with the help of SBCC Company. The company picked up this chopper as it is the largest helicopter in the world. We are not quite sure what will be the exact purpose and who is going to use this one, but for sure the Arab guys are going to buy it.

Just imagine how powerful is this machine – think about what it would be capable of carrying & lifting. Amazing!

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We are still trying to find the answer of one simple question – what is the point of building an aircraft like that?

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