Meet HoverSeat – the safest and most fun way to use your hoverboard


Meet HoverSeat – the safest and most fun way to use your hoverboard

With this invention you will forget about falling down while riding a hoverboard. This simple solution will transform your hoverboard into a hover kart. Its name is HoverSeat. The invention is simple – the package features a hoverboard and a sitting attachment. Simple as that. HoverSeat will make your ride safer and more fun. In the near future this mean of transport will be everywhere – it is easy for any age to steer and operate that makes it virtually available to anyone. This new product solves all kind of problems typically associated with hoverboards. Here is a short list some of the benefits of HoverSeat.

The first one is that is is very simple to set up. The cart frame is made of aluminum and it will fit easily in the trunk of any car. When you are about to use it, simply attach it to the bar in the center of your hoverboard with the help of a custom made adapted clamp. At this very point you have your hoverboard and the attached frame. Now you have to choose what to put on the top of your unique mini-vehicle. The second benefit is that it is quite comfortable. You could attach even your favourite beach chair. It is very easy to drive – you could navigate it only with your feet.

If you passed something important on your way, it could even reverse.

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If you are going to the beach, you could put a cooler box that is strong enough to sit on.

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