Meet One Of The Greatest Truck Drivers On The Planet

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Meet One Of The Greatest Truck Drivers On The Planet

We are going to watch a short video of a truck taking a very curved road flawlessly. Truck drivers are quite skilful guys and everyone should admire them. The road in the video is part of a famous serpentine mountain road in Norway. Pretty much an insane road for the same insane drivers. Are you going to make with a truck like this on the road to the mountain? Let’s see what could be the top 10 qualities of a great truck driver. All these guys enjoy their life on the open road. First of all, a great truck driver should have a good sense of responsibility. Alertnes is the second quality in our list – all these guys should be always responsive to the road and the driving conditions.

A great truck driver must be able to work independently, as he spends a lot of time driving alone. The drivers are responsible for the truck and the goods it transports all the time. The next item is the excellent driving record. This way he could assure the safety for all drivers, trucks and freight and respectively cheaper to insure. Customer service skills is a must when it comes to deal with clients. When you are on the open road 24/7 it’s something normal to experience problems with the truck. So, the next item in our list is the knowledge of truck mechanics. At least changing a tire should be a must in addition to the maintenance skills.

Good physical stamina is needed for the loading and unloading of freight. A great truck driver should be able to manage stress very easily.

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The last but not the least in our list is the time management skill. The driver should ensure that all freights are delivered on time.

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