Meet The Most Powerful Fire Truck in The World With 60,000HP

The Big Wind fire truck

Meet The Most Powerful Fire Truck in The World With 60,000HP

The name of this powerful truck is ‘The Big Wind’. It was designed by a group of Hungarian engineers. The initial goal of creating such monster was to be used in the event of a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) attack. This hell of a machine is is one part Soviet T-34 tank which was used for the base. The other two parts are MiG 21 jet engine. In other words The Big Wind chassis is a T-34 tank with a pair of Mig 21 jet engines mounted to its roof. And here it is – meet the Big Wind, known to be the most powerful fire fighting truck in the world nowadays!

A team of three guys are needed in order to operate this machine. One driver should be inside in order to steer and stop the tank. A second guy should play the role of a controller in the rear cabin. His role is to manage the jet engines and water jets. The third person is the fire chief. He has the most dangerous job of all these guys. He is not in the machine. He is walking about 15 feet in front of it. Yes, that’s right. He has to walk in front of the machine, so he can get a better picture around. He is issuing orders to the crew members via remote control.

If you are curious, the maximum rate when the water jets are activated is 220 gallons of water a second.

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220 gallons is twice what an average U.S. household uses in 24 hour.

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