Meet The President’s $1.1 Million Armored Bus – Ground Force One

Ground Force One

Meet The President‘s $1.1 Million Armored Bus – Ground Force One

By now you might haven’t seen the president’s new black bus. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie. More appropriate for a house for Darth Vader than the Commander in Chief. But as you might expect this is no ordinary bus. There are actually two of these buses that the Secret Service had purchased. This is the first time that they have added buses to the fleet of vehicles which does include, of course, the presidential limousine. So, why did they buy these buses? The answer is simple – to save money. This black bad boy cost &1.1 million.

We could all see the invoice for buying these two buses ($2.2 million) as it is public. A small company manufactured the buses and you could browse its website to see what else they do offer. The buses are outfitted with an advanced communication systems, so the president could talk securely with the viser or the world leaders while travelling. Ed Donovan, who is actually the United States Secret Service Spokesman, said that “We felt we were overdue for having an asset like this in our fleet. Candidates and presidents have been participating in bus tours since 1980”.

That’s why we would like to take a look at President’s new million-dollar armored bus and see what’s so special about it.

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Hemphill Brothers Coach Co. is the company standing behind the bus order. Part of the bus was actually designed in Canada.

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