Meet The Fantasy Collision & Customs’s Dodge Charger – Two Doors And Wide Body Kit

Two Door Dodge Challenger

Meet The Fantasy Collision & Customs’s Dodge Charger – Two Doors And Wide Body Kit

Every car is beautiful in its own and unique way. And there will always be people out there who will disagree with this statement. In the end we can’t blame someone for having a bad taste. Actually if everybody like the same thing in the same way, there will be nothing else to talk about. For that reason, what you are about to see is a video of a car that was created with a lot of noise with its look.

There are a lot of positive and negative comments about the look of this vehicle. What you are going to see is a pretty nice-looking two door white Dodge Charger with a wide body kit. At first sight it actually looks really good. However, the style of the rims is what made all the fuss. A large number of people think they are very bad looking. What`s your opinion on this?

Nevertheless, besides the wide body, there is also another positive side of this car which is the main reason we decided to present it to you. This car has the ability to transform itself from a normal height vehicle into a low rider, isn’t that something worth seeing. The guys who are responsible for building this car are Fantasy Collision & Customs. These guys extended the front doors to fit the new version of the coupe. The roof is also lowered and the best thing here – the team sliced a portion out of the vehicle’s midsection. They created a whole new look of the Charger adding new front and rear bumpers to fit the highly aggressive wide body kit.

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