Meet The First Supercharged And Compound Turbo Cummins

Supercharged Cummins

Meet The First Supercharged And Compound Turbo Cummins

There is no limit in the cars, bikes and trucks world, therefore people were, are and will always be obsessive and enthusiastic to create the most powerful and endurable engine that will make their car, the vehicle that they always wanted. And with the years passing by, the standards are getting higher and higher, because of that we have endless pleasure day by day, of watching new technical and mechanical innovations.

And some of them may be an inspiration to you. In the video (couple of years old) attached, you are going to see one of the first supercharged and compound turbo diesel Cummins engine. This powerful engine is a product of Crazy Carl`s Turbos and advanced diesel products.

As they said, this engine is their cutting-edge development in the search for a flawless Dodge Cummins motor. The engine can accomplish an immediate increase in power and give the Cummins` driver a crucial driving joy and pleasure. With its performance it can provide amazing amount of power and the good thing is that it will fit the current turbo in your truck, and give you incredible performance.

Take a look at the video below to get a better picture of this awesome turbo system for your Cummins truck. This one is considered to be the world’s first supercharged and compound turbo Cummins. This one, of course, is custom built and is one of many projects like this developed by the team of The setup is not simple, as you might think it is. Basically there is one supercharger that that is capable of feeding a set of compound turbo chargers. The performance figures say 3 PSI when idle and 80 PSI in total. That’s pretty much nice getting instant throttle with this 7,400lbs truck.

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