Meet The Frankenstein’s Charger – Corvette C6 Chassis And Viper Engine

Frankenstein`s Charger

Meet The Frankenstein`s Charger – Corvette C6 Chassis And Viper Engine

Most of you will not recognize the name of Johan Erikssons, but he is the guy that this article is all about, well his car to be precise. Maybe you don’t know him by name, but for sure some of you will recall of the guy that owns the Sweden’s most beautiful car, that won at 2011 SEMA show. He is a proud owner of a beautiful black and exceptionally ominous looking 1968 Blown Dodge Charger that will leave you jaw, hanging to the floor right after you see it!

But today we are not going to talk about that ’68 Charger. We are going to show you video of another Johan Erikssons’ beauty. His new project is one bad ass hybrid muscle car, something that you haven’t seen before, a classic Dodge Charger, put together by parts from different cars. Parts like a V10 engine brought by Dodge Viper, Bentley’s carbon ceramic brakes, chassis from Corvette C6 and many more.

Unfortunately the whole video is on Swedish without, translation or subtitles, but we managed to give you the basic info about it, from some other sources and the new Johan`s muscle car deserves it. It is one amazing muscle monster and we thought that this is something worth sharing.

The whole car is like it came out of Doctor Frankenstein`s lab, made out from a lot of different parts, the chassis is from a Corvette C6, the brakes are “borrowed” from a Bentley, there are some parts from a Viper and from many more different rides. Maybe it all sounds unbelievable and a little bit crazy, but after you look at the video, you will for sure fall in love in his project. It looks like something out of this world.

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