Meet The Greatest Puppet-Themed Hot Rod On The Planet – Jeff Dunham’s Achmedmobile

Jeff Dunham’s Achmedmobile

Meet The Greatest Puppet-Themed Hot Rod On The Planet – Jeff Dunham’s Achmedmobile

First of all, let’s see what is actually a hot rod. All these hot rods are supposed to be old classic American cars. There are large engines under the hoods and the idea is to be modified for linear speed. We are not quite sure about the origin of “hot rod”. As the origin is unclear it is possible to be related to the replacement of the camshaft with a new hotter version. This version is also known as hot stick or hot rod. In the very beginning all hot rods were roadster as these vehicles were inexpensive, light and easy to be modified. Nowadays there are hot rod communities all over the world. The most famous are sitting in USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

Currently all these communities are subdivided into two main groups. There are guys dealing with street rods and the other group is dealing with hot rods. In this article we are going to see the greatest puppet-themed hot rod in the world. In the video on our next page you are going to watch the making of the Achmedmobile. First of all, make sure that you know who Jeff Dunham is. He is a comedian and he is very famous with his doll Achmed. When it comes to unique and insane hot rods, meet the amazing puppet-wielding Jeff Dunham’s Achmedmobile. While watching the video you could get the feeling that somehow this car reminds you so much of Chip Foose.

This is really one heck of a hot rod. You will see all the details around the building of this incredible ride.

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It was built with the intention to be used for the Controlled Chaos comedy tour.

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