Meet The Kong: A Vehicle Breakdown In Drag Racing!

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Meet The Kong: A Vehicle Breakdown In Drag Racing!

Conventional drag racing no longer seems to be interesting enough. People are looking for new ways to entertain themselves. This how sand drag racing was born. Sand drag racing is a different kind of racing and the name itself tells us that it is not performed on the race track. Now days it is gaining popularity all over the world and thanks to that it has become an inspiration for some people to built machines, beasts on wheels, made for winning only.

In the following video you are going to meet the Kong – one of the sickest looking and fastest RZR drag machines we have ever laid eyes on. Its creator is Bart Chielens AKA Govacho. He and Mark Queen took the RZR XP900 to the frame, swapped the engine our for an Arctic Cat Z1 snowmobile motor, popped on a big turbo, and fully tubed the chassis to make it light and safe. They he moved the seat position to the center, added on a few more go-fast parts and let it rip!

After getting the chance to see it run at SXS Wars in Dumont, we thought we would feature for everyone else to geek out on! Kong was built and set up for 300ft racing not 650ft. It is custom made 3 gallon fuel cell, center drive seat position, and lots and lots of weight shaved off the SXS.

service appointment 1200HP twin turbo 2015 Silverado 1500

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All along with a fully enclosed roll cage. KEY WORD FULL CAGE. It is named after Govacho’s dog who died the night when the XP900 was supposed to be loaded in the truck.

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