Meet The Stealth Dodge Challenger ‘Vapor’ Designed By US Air Force & Galpin Auto Sports

The Stealth Dodge Challenger 'Vapor'

Meet The Stealth Dodge Challenger ‘Vapor’ Designed By US Air Force & Galpin Auto Sports

If you wonder which muscle car to buy and you are tired of searching for it on the Internet, we are going to present you one insane American muscle car. It’s a regular Dodge Challenger Hellcat, it’s a car modified by US Air Force and a Southern California based company – Galpin Auto Sports. The final result is an insane black matte Dodge Challenger Hellcat ‘Vapor’.

When the doomsday arrives and you are a lucky owner of this piece of automobile art, you have nothing to worry about. That’s the perfect choice. That’s not the first product from the partnership between these two companies – US Air Force and Galpin Auto Sports. Their first car was a stunning Ford Mustang nicknamed ‘X-1’. The vehicle was tranformed into a pearlescent fighter jet. Their second and latest product is this Dodge.

The regular Dodge Challenger Hellcat was transformed into a stealth bomber that features a radar absorbing stealth-black matte paint – ‘Vapor’. Besides it’s been heavily modified and armored – the list with modicitaions and the new features added to ti is pretty long. We are going to present you some of them. First, we would like to say that this car follows the design of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that the US Air Force is using.


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This means that this Dodge Challenger Hellcat ‘Vapor’ could be commanded from a remote control system. It could also be controlled from the Internet – just like a game. The guys who built that monster keep secret all details related to engine specifications and military features. This kind of information is classified. They just do not want to reveal it to the wider audience.

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