Meet The Toyota Supra Successor – Toyota Is Working With BMW On 2016 Toyota FT1

2016 Toyota FT1 Concept Supra Successor

Meet The Toyota Supra Successor – Toyota Is Working With BMW On 2016 Toyota FT1

The Supra successor will feature a whole new sports car platform. It will be designed by two companies – Toyota and BMW. The new platform will be used by the Japanese manufacturer as a base for the new Supra. It was already revealed as a FT1 concept car. On the other hand BMW is going to use this platform as a replacement for its Z4 model. Both of those cars are going to be revealed to a wider audience before the end of 2016.

According to ‘Car and Driver’ the new Supra successor will cost more than a Chevrolet Corvette. The base price for a new Toyota Supra FT1 will likely start from $55k with the shipping fees included. There is one little secret behind the FT1 model – the vehicle will be sold with an advanced hybrid system. It was about time Toyota to announce the next Supra generation as the previous one ended back in 2002 with the A80 platform. With the last Supra generation Toyota took a big leap in the direction of manufacturing high-performance cars.

Toyota FT1 was developed mainly by CALTY Design Research. That’s actually the Toyota’s North American Design branch. The initial idea was to create a a pure performance and track-focused sports vehicle. The design is inspired by cars like Celica, Supra, 2000GT and FT86 (also known as Scion F-RS). It will feature a hybrid powertrain system, an aluminum spaceframe chassis. Both cars – BMW Z4 and Toyota FT1 will share carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body with different styling and dimensions.


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Now, rumor has it that the new Toyota FT1 will be less than 14.7 feet in length, 4.4ft high and under 6 ft in width. According to those figures the car will be in line with a Porsche 911. Toyota FT1 will be available for sale with a new 3.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine combined with a Toyota-built plug-in hybrid unit. We are waiting for Toyota to bring the Supra successor to market as soon as possible.

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