Meet The World’s Fastest Ship That Utilizes Boeing 747

Incat Francisco ferry

Meet The World’s Fastest Ship That Utilizes Boeing 747

Today you are about to meet Francisco world’s first high-speed ferry, he is no useless Staten Island Ferry he is a ship loaded with customized jet engines modified Boeing 747 in order to take commuters across the River Plate very fast at 58 knots. Speed is not the ship’s only distinction. He is 324 ft long and carries 150 cars and 1000 people.

The hull of the ship is crafted from two hulls that are aluminum and slender, each hull is divided into nine compartments that are vented and watertight. The compartments are divided by transverse bulkheads. These hulls are connected by bridging section that has a centre bow structure at the forward end. In each hull the compartments are equipped as fuel tanks and there is also an additional compartment equipped as an extensive range tank. His primary fuel is a LNG(liquefied natural gas)Marine –grade oil is used only when he starts the engine and as a support fuel, running on two fuels make it very economical. The liquefied natural gas powers the gas turbines, the turbines produce 59 000horse power together and that is awesome.

They will turn a gearbox with a 7-to-1 reduction that drives an impeller generating a water jet. Also it is good to know that 24.000 liters of water are displaced per ENGINE, per SECOND!

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One of the members of CBG systems, that is a company a supplies for Incat’s, Javier Herbon has stated that for the design and creation of this outstanding ship only the best material and products were used.

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