Meet The Zipper – A Barrier Transfer Machine

Zipper Barrier Transfer Machine

Meet The Zipper – A Barrier Transfer Machine

Every one of us has been stuck in a traffic jam be and we all know how annoying can it be! We always want to get out of it as quick as possible and surely you have wanted for one more driving lane on the highway, to move faster. Especially if you cannot let your muscle or fast sport car drive at her full potential, from all that traffic? What if we tell you that there is a possible solution to these problems. There is a new, innovative and revolutionary barrier-transfer machine, called the “Zipper”.

The way this strange truck works is very simple. It’s just moving the concrete barrier by separating the express lanes. The Zipper moves very slowly, only 8 mph, it is not there to demonstrate speed, but to make the driving easier for you and all the others drivers, so that you can drive faster with your muscle, or sport beast. In other words, if there used to be two driving lanes in the morning, later that day, in the afternoon, there will be three!

It may sound too good to be true, but believe us, this machine is real. The only bad thing is that the Zipper won`t be out on the road for a long time. The privilege of this machine have only the guys living in California, so if you are one lucky guy living there and you happen to drive your Dodge Charger down the interstate 15, you may use the benefits of this innovation.

For more details on how the Zipper looks like and operates, take a look at the video below.

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