Meet Vuomet Lumiaurat 2015 – Simply Unbeatable In The Deep Snow!

Vuomet Lumiaurat 2015

Meet Vuomet Lumiaurat 2015 – Simply Unbeatable In The Deep Snow!

Vuomet Tip Plough is a tractor designed for snow removal. It was built with the intention to serve people living in exceptionally snowy and packed areas and roads. The perfect example for such areas is forestry area. This amazing machine is actually considered to be the worlds fastest tractor. The company that built that monster is a Finnish mechanical workshop named Vuomet Ltd. The company produces snow ploughs and mount them on Valtra T234 tractors. Now we are going to give more details about the ultimate snow plowing machine. The tractor with the mounted snow plough weighs exactly 1675 lb. The working width here is 11 ft, while the wing height is 4.3 feet.

The snow plough features a fixed frame with a very good snow spinning and ejecting capacity. The mechanical part here is also extremely easy – the bolted fastenings are easy to change. As a standard equipment you get a straight blade and LED lights installed. What is actually the snowplow? The snow plough is also known as snowplough, snow plow or snowplow. Basically this is a device intended for mounting on a truck or tractor. It could be mounted on any vehicle as well. It was created with the intention to remove snow and ice very easy from all kind of surfaces. In areas where receiving large amounts of snow every year is something common, there are winter service vehicles.

There are a lot of kinds of snow ploughs. You could see very large custom snowplows at the airports. Those type features an oversized blades and a jetblade.

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Small tractor plows are used to clean the sidewalks and narrow laneways, there are large railway snowplows as well.

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