Meet The Wheel Clamp For The Digital Age – A Visibility-Blocking Device (VIDEO)


Meet The Wheel Clamp For The Digital Age – A Visibility-Blocking Device (VIDEO)

Here is the device that might replace the traffic wardens. Yes, that’s right – traffic wardens could soon be history. We are not quite sure what to say, but this visibility-blocking device might be actually the wheel clamp for the digital age that we all live in. ‘The Barnacle’ simply attached to the windshield to block the driver’s sight. It is using commercial grade suction cups that apply huge amounts of force. Each one of these ‘Barnacle’ devices has a display that explains the violation. Just in case. It has also a built-in alarm and sets it off if the driver tries to drive away with the attached device.

To remove this unit from your windshield, you have to call the number on the device. Here is the tricky part. You could pay over the phone to get a code that unlocks the ‘Barnacle’ or you could wait until the right person arrives and removes it. In case you pay over the phone you should return the ‘Barnacle’ to a predetermined location. The device cuts down on personnel costs. For example, it eliminates the need for a tow truck or somebody to unlock a boot. The ‘Barnacle’ is simply making the parking violation easier to deal with for everybody. Now this is the future.

Initially we are pretty sure that people will just stick their heads out of the window.

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Here is the deal – it all depends on whether the price of getting a new windshield is cheaper than what you have to pay to remove this unit.

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