Meet The World’s Biggest Tree Crusher – The G175 Manufactured by LeTourneau

Meet The World’s Biggest Tree Crusher – The G175 Manufactured by LeTourneau

First of all, the machine that we are going to present with the video on our next page was specifically designed for land clearing and is the only selfpowered tree crushing machine of its size. It is really huge and on the top of that it is electrically powered. The powering mechanism is quite similar in principle to a steamroller. The first time the machine was delivered to its customers, it took them 4 days to unload and reassemble the whole thing. The first real use of the machine was full of mechanical failures and it became stuck a number of times.

There are a lot of people out there who might have a problem with its sheer existence, but we are going to take the chance and present it in action. This could be very useful and we see some good fire fighting capabilities. It’s not that hard to use for such scenarios. It’s going to be one of the best methods depending on which way the wind is blowing. In situations like this, the machine could save lots of energy and time to make a Firebreak. This might be a good reason to bring this machine back to life, as it was banned a long time ago.

This massive machine was designed by a well-know American company – LeTourneau. The company designs heavy-duty vehicles and this one is one of their absolutely crazy ideas.

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It is considered to be the largest tree crusher in the whole world. Despite it was built back in 1960s it is still impressive, even by today’s standards.

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