Meet The World’s First Elevated Transit Bus

Transit Elevated Bus TEB

Meet The World’s First Elevated Transit Bus

This is something that used to be only a dream for some people. From a crazy dream once it has apparently become reality. The invention of the TEB (Transit Elevated Bus) is considered to be a breakthrough of the advanced manufacturing technologies. Each segment of TEB is a 72-foot-long vehicle that could carry up to 300 passengers. On the other hand up to four TEB cars can be linked together. Last Tuesday the new bus went on its inaugural test run in Qinhuangdao, China. There was only one segment of the bus during that test that took place on a 1/4 mile long track separated from the real traffic. The first test run was successful.

The design is considered as a revolution in order to help combat gridlock. The big problem for the inventors is the increasingly-congested roads of China’s major cities. In other words the bus will save a lot of road space. The passenger compartment of the TEB is located far above the road. This allows vehicles to pass underneath. TEB is powered by electricity and is far cheaper to produce than underground trains. Each of the Transit Elevated Bus segments is actually like a replacement of 40 conventional buses. Each TEB segment is 72 feet long, 26 feet wide and 16 feet high.

All passengers are going to be able to enter the new bus via specially built elevated stops.

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This new way for urban transportation meets the requirements of environmental conservation strategies.

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