Mega Ram Runner In A Tug Of War Versus 1992 Marmon Semi Truck

Mega Ram Runner

Mega Ram Runner In A Tug Of War Versus 1992 Marmon Semi Truck

Today we will see what the guys from Diesel Sellerz prepared for us. These guys have prepared a Mega Ram Runner and the biggest challenge ever – one 1992 Marmon Semi Truck. This semi truck engine delivers 550 horsepower, and has a 18 speed transmission, while the Mega Ram Runner has just 4 speeds. The truck pulls about 150,000 pounds, while the Mega Ram Runner just 40,000 pounds.

The people from Diesel Sellerz accepted this challenge from the neighbour. He came up with an amazing 1992 Marmon Semi Truck that is loaded with five tones on the fifth wheel. They hooked the both vehicles with a huge rope that the war rated it like 75,000 pounds. Check out if the rope is going to break. The driver of the truck had the opportunity to shift the gears beginning from 3 low and going up to 4 high. Do this shows you the winner?

The vehicles are completely different. The Mega Ram Runner is tuned and custom built. It features some exterior tuning like Diesel Power Gear light bars and Ecotint Shop headlights. These parts were custom made for this truck. Under the hood we have more and more modifications related to the increased horsepower output.

The Mega Ram Runner truck is expected to run more than 600 horsepower. However, this engine could be easily pumped to the insane 800+ horsepower. With these engine specifications the Mega Ram Runner should be making 1500 / 1600 foot pounds of torque. Let’s see who will be the winner in this epic game of tug o war.

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