Mega Yachts – See This $48M GOLDEN Yacht Constructed By Palmer Johnson

GOLDEN Yacht By Palmer Johnson

Mega Yachts – See This $48M GOLDEN Yacht Constructed By Palmer Johnson

Well, it looks like it’s maybe part race car part space ship if you look at it closely. This is the latest multi million dollar vessel from the ship builder Palmer Johnson that was launched in Sturgeon Bay. This 150-foot super yacht is made from carbon composite material. But, that’s not the most important part here. When it comes to mega vessels, the bigger and flashier, the better to the owner to show off. As this one is constructed mostly of carbon composite, the weight is reduced a lot and the durability was raised. It really looks like part race car part space ship, but this wasn’t enough for Palmer Johnson.

In the end he decided to do something unbelievable and now this vessel is decked out in gold. Yes, that’s right. This is how he would like to scream “I’m here” while on the water. The only way to show off is in this boat. The high-tech ship is built for speed topping out at 32 nuts or about 36 MPH. There are a total of three decks and rooms for 12 passengers and a crew of 9 people. 200 workers spent the past year and half building the ship and it definitely worth it. If you love this boat, start saving some cache. It’s not just a dream boat, but it’s one of a kind. The company seems to be very confident for building this thing.

Without being specific Palmer Johnson said that the ship costs 10s of millions of dollars.

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And apparently there are people having that cache as the company says it recently signed more contracts and plans to hire more workers.

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